Benefits for Music Education Institutions

Assessment based on internationally accepted standards
both reflecting the specificities of the sector and aligned with international and national standards used in higher education such as the European Standard Guidelines (ESGs).

Main focus on the enhancement dimension of quality assurance:
All review procedures focus mainly on how the institution/the programme can further develop and improve, therefore providing tailor-made recommendations formulated by specialist colleagues acting as Peer Reviewers.

Dialogue with international specialists in the relevant musical fields
able to relate to the issues raised by the reviewed institution or programme and understand the specificities of the various institutions, programmes and disciplines.

Positive impact on the international reputation

  • through the publication of review reports on the MusiQuE website and their indexation on the EQAR database
  • by communicating the outcome of successfully completed procedures based on agency standards

Increasing trust between institutions
by using a comparable approach based on internationally accepted criteria.

Diversity of services
from quality enhancement review and accreditation procedures, to evaluation of projects and research activities and coordination of benchmarking projects.