Why choose MusiQuE

Created from the Bologna process with the express approval of the sector, MusiQuE fills the gap between the services offered by national quality assurance and accreditation agencies and the specific needs of the music education sector.

Musical expertise

MusiQuE draws its expertise from the experience of 20 years of projects led by the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC), covering all aspects of music education such as curriculum design, learning outcomes, research, assessment and quality assurance.

Experience in review delivery

MusiQuE has conducted over 50 reviews of music education institutions and programmes, some of them through a collaboration with national agencies, at the high satisfaction of the reviewed institutions. This experience and the feedback received have allowed MusiQuE to consolidate its activities and enlarge its offers.

Focus on enhancement

MusiQuE assists institutions in their quality enhancement activities through the involvement of subject specialists able to understand the various specificities of the institution/programme reviewed and formulate tailor-made recommendations, against a set of internationally accepted standards. This provides a core element in building institutions’ trust in the review services.

Large pool of qualified subject specialists

MusiQuE works with a large international range of specialists in the discipline with diverse areas of expertise. The size and range of this pool significantly exceed anything that could be mastered by a single national agency.

Quality of service

Institutions that have been reviewed up to now are highly satisfied with the procedure and with the outcomes, although suggestions for improvement have also been made and are regularly addressed as part of a policy of continuous enhancement. MusiQuE has received very positive feedback from the national quality assurance agencies it has worked with, in relation to the experts provided and their competences, the quality of their work and of the report written.

Involvement of the profession

Through its partner organisations, MusiQuE acts as a platform encouraging and facilitating a structured dialogue with the profession at large.


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