MusiQuE works internationally to uphold and advance the quality of music education

MusiQuE delivers this mission on the basis of five principles which, collectively, define what MusiQuE stands for:

  1. MusiQuE is, fundamentally, an organisation set up by and for the music education sector, dedicated to promoting and supporting quality enhancement and, thereby, strengthening the sector.
  2. MusiQuE is committed to working in partnership with its founding organisations (AEC, EMU, EAS and Pearle), with institutions, with other stakeholders in music education and with national quality assurance agencies.
  3. Operating throughout Europe and beyond, MusiQuE believes in the strength and added value of involving international perspectives in quality enhancement.
  4. MusiQuE encourages institutions at all stages of music education to reflect on their own practices and potential in adapting to ongoing challenges in society.
  5. MusiQuE pursues quality enhancement in a way that respects the values and ethos of each individual institution and strives to make quality enhancement issues more meaningful to staff and students.