How we work

A comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of music
Music as an art-form has innate and indeed unique characteristics, playing a role across an entire range of traditions and cultures, confronting those entering the music profession to many challenges and opportunities. That comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of music is the fundamental principle rooting all actions of MusiQuE.

A quality culture approach
MusiQuE stands for a concept of quality culture which addresses both artistic standards and educational quality, as manifested in the lived experience of those who work, learn and teach in institutions dedicated to that discipline. Upholding the principle of ‘fitness for purpose’, all MusiQuE procedures seek to address this exact combination of artistic and educational standards in a holistic understanding of quality culture.

A critical friend for an enhancement-oriented approach
MusiQuE procedures are driven by an enhancement-oriented approach to quality. It is then crucial that the relationship between the reviewer – be it a team or an individual – and the organisation being reviewed is in the spirit of the supportive critical friend, which means the shared goal of searching not for weaknesses or shortcomings but for the enhancement of the discipline as a whole.

A Standards-guided approach

All MusiQuE procedures are guided by Standards which are a crucial element throughout all stages of the evaluation process:
  • a framework for a critical self-analysis during the self-evaluation phase
  • a guide for the review team during their site-visit
  • a framework for the review report

Guiding documents for institutions
All the guiding documents for institutions and peer reviewers can be found through the following link.

Follow up

When an institution MusiQuE has previously provided any of its services to requests another service from MusiQuE, the following principles apply:

Conflict of interest
Conflicts of interest are most likely to arise if an institution having requested a consultative visit contacts MusiQuE for a review or accreditation procedure, thus possibly compromising the result and quality of the service to be provided. If no potential conflict of interest is found, the MusiQuE Board approves the request for this new procedure.

New experts
The Review Team selected by the Board for the service can never include the same individuals as those who conducted the first procedure.