MusiQuE Standards

What are the MusiQuE Standards for
Approved by the sector, aligned with the European Standard Guidelines (ESGs) for those concerning higher education, they offer a solid and transparent basis for the review process.

More “guidelines” than “check-list”, they are meant to assist higher music education providers in evaluating their activities and enhancing quality. They equally serve:

  • The institutions, for reflecting on their goals, processes, strengths and weaknesses, and for structuring their self-evaluation report in the scope of a review
  • Review Teams in conducting the review procedures and providing their assessment and recommendations

A full set of standards
MusiQuE elaborated a full set of standards for

  • Institutional Review
  • Programme Review
  • Joint Programme Review
  • Classroom Music Teacher Education Programmess
  • Pre-College Review
  • a Framework for the Evaluation of Research activities undertaken by Higher Music Education Institutions

The MusiQuE Standards for each procedure can be downloaded below.

Revision of the standards
To stick to the evolution of the sector, it is crucial that the MusiQuE Standards undergo regular revision to ensure that they remain reflective of the current reality and challenges of the music education sector and the artistic professions, and answer the changing needs of institutions and society. Under the responsibility of the MusiQuE Board, The Revision of the standards takes place every 5 years.

Outside the scope of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) due to the specific and/or limited nature of the service or due to a focus of the service on levels of education other than higher education: