MusiQuE is committed to uphold and advance the quality of music education. In doing so, it operates consistently with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESGs) and offers full transparency in its procedures.

Internal regulations

MusiQuE’s work and internal processes are guided by a series of key documents:

  • Internal Regulations: defining the procedures, roles and key responsibilities of the Board and the Office for conducting MusiQuE’s activities and operations effectively
  • Code of Conduct and the Guidelines for Peer Reviewers, ruling the work of the top music professionals listed in the MusiQuE Peer Reviewers Register, enabling MusiQuE to uphold a high professional standard in its operations.

Transparency to reviewed institution
The Guidelines for Institutions are communicated and explained to reviewed institutions from the very early stages of the contract negotiations, offering the institutions a clear and transparent information on all the process.

Quality enhancement
MusiQuE pays particular attention to the continuous improvement of its own processes and procedures, using every opportunity to monitor the quality of its activities through

  • Internal quality processes: MusiQuE has solid internal quality assurance mechanisms in place, integrated into its everyday working
  • External evaluations: MusiQuE benefits regularly from the feedback of its External Evaluator. Additionally, the key documents are regularly updated, on basis of the feedback collected from reviewers, reviewed institutions, partners and participants to MusiQuE’s events.