Guidelines for Peer Reviewers

Objective of the document
The guidelines for peer reviewers are designed to provide reviewers, either registered or interested in registering on the MusiQuE Peer Reviewers Register with sufficient information and guidance on the:

  • Criteria for acceptance onto the MusiQuE Register
  • Training of Peer Reviewers
  • Principles and processes of composing a Review Team depending on the specificities of each procedure
  • Code of Conduct that all MusiQuE Peer Reviewers are asked to comply with
  • Roles, responsibilities and practicalities that Peer Reviewers can face in each of the core phases of a MusiQuE review: the self-evaluation phase, the review visit, and the writing of the review report.

The guidelines are being regularly updated based on the feedback collected yearly from reviewers, institutions reviewed, and MusiQuE’s internal stakeholders that are involved in each of the phases of a review procedure.