MusiQuE Peer Reviewers Register

A body of highly qualified experts
To carry out its services, MusiQuE calls on a pool of experts, listed in the MusiQuE Peer Reviewers Register. Those experts cover a wide range of competencies and benefit from a strong experience in quality enhancement, having taken part in diverse reviews and accreditation processes. They are usually recruited from among MusiQuE partners memberships.

Each peer reviewer listed on the Register should have:

  • an appropriate qualification (degree or professionally-oriented diploma) and recognised expertise in areas relevant to higher music education
  • broad knowledge of teaching and learning models and methods relevant to higher music education
  • international experience that provides a basis for making international comparisons
  • been trained through the training for Peer Reviewers delivered by MusiQuE

In addition, potential members of the Register representing the higher education sector should meet the following requirements:

  • have experience in quality assurance in higher music education
  • have experience in the development, design, provision and evaluation of higher education programmes in music.

Students applying for the Register should:

  • be enrolled in a higher music education programme
  • demonstrate proficiency in English (minimum C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), or in another language in the rare cases where the language of the procedure will be other than English
  • ideally, be involved in the student association/union/other equivalent body in their institution and, as a result, be experienced in representing other students in decision-making processes
  • have an international experience (project, course, ERASMUS year, etc.) during their studies that provides a basis for making international comparisons
  • be critical, solution-oriented and open-minded to various perspectives and methods

The information on the admission procedure can be found at the following link.