Strategy Paper and Action Plan 2020-2025

The establishment of MusiQuE in 2014 was an important milestone in the provision of quality enhancement services to the specialised European institutions offering higher music education. After a five-year start-up phase, during which it has successfully shaped its identity as an independent foundation dedicated to music quality enhancement, MusiQuE is now in a position to look beyond embedding its own structure and procedures.

The period 2020-2025 will therefore be a time for MusiQuE both to consolidate its early achievements and to press forward with further developments, planning its future development and expansion strategically with confidence. The Board of MusiQuE envisages developments in four key areas: the first is in relation to the (higher) music education sector; the second is in relation to higher education and quality assurance more generally; the third with regards to supporting institutions to set up their own quality culture, and the fourth is in terms of the foundation’s own operations and sustainability.

This Strategy Paper sets out the current thinking of the MusiQuE Board: how the foundation stands currently and how it should evolve over the five-year period from 2020 to 2025. It starts with a newly formulated Mission and Vision, describes four goals for 2025 that are related to the four areas of development mentioned above, presents an action plan based on these goals and is complemented by a Business Plan, Communication Plan and Risk Register. The document provides a route map for MusiQuE, for its partner organisations, for the institutions its serves, for the MusiQuE Office and for external stakeholders.