MusiQuE Appeals Committee

Role of the Appeals committee
MusiQuE’s Appeals Committee is tasked to analyse and decide on appeals submitted by institutions that underwent a MusiQuE procedures and consider they have sufficient ground to contest statements in the review report.

Composition and qualification
The Appeals Committee is formed by

  • one standing member, appointed by the MusiQuE Board for a fixed term of three years (renewable once), based on a proposal by AEC. This member should be experienced in quality assurance processes and, for the period of his or her appointment, does not participate in MusiQuE reviews.

The current standing member (2019 – 2022) is Dawn Edwards (Royal Northern College of Music Manchester, UK)

  • one member specifically appointed in response to each specific appeal, chosen by the MusiQuE Board for his/her specialist knowledge in relation to the issues raised. He or she must not be connected with the institution that has submitted the appeal but may be an active member of the MusiQuE Register of Peer Reviewers.

Regulation of the Committee
The rules and procedures by which the Appeals Committee conducts its work are further detailed in the document MusiQuE Complaints and Appeals Procedures available here.