Composition of review teams

For all MusiQuE procedures, the general principles that apply in selecting the peers from amongst the Peer-Reviewers Register to act as members of Review Teams, as critical friends or simply as advisors in tailor-made consultative visits, are as follows:
  • The particular needs of the applicant institution in terms of specialised expertise and on the number of peers necessary to conduct the procedure appropriately are addressed
  • An overall balance with respect to specialised knowledge in terms of institutional management and governance, artistic and academic management, and artistic and professional experience across the review team shall be ensured
  • Knowledge of the country-specific system of higher music education and of the legislation applicable in that country will be addressed where possible and as appropriate
  • Peer-reviewers assigned on a procedure will have been professionally active principally outside the country in which the institution is located and are not in a position of conflict of interest with the applicant institution.
  • Although some familiarity with the national system of the country of the applicant institution is desirable, an international perspective should be properly conveyed by the review team; in this regard, diversity in terms of nationality and geographical profile across the Review Team is to be ensured.
  • All peer-reviewers appointed to conduct MusiQuE procedures shall be proficient in English; except in rare cases, the language of the review and the documents provided by the institution shall be in English, unless agreed otherwise between MusiQuE, the institution and the Review Team.
MusiQuE Office will ensure that appropriate training is provided for the new recruit(s) either during the MusiQuE annual training or through an online training prior to the site visit.
The review team of the regular MusiQuE’s review is composed of five people, including a Chair, two experts, a student member and a Secretary.
Review Team members are asked to sign a declaration of independence and confidentiality as soon as they have agreed to be part of the Review Team.