Board composition

The Board officially nominated Jacques Moreau as Chair and Lies Colman as Secretary and Treasurer.

In addition, the creation of two sub-committees of Board members was agreed on, focusing respectively on Strategy and Development and on Review Procedures. These sub-committees will prepare the discussions to be held with the entire Board and provide more specific guidance and feedback to the Office.

Endorsement of review reports

The Board discussed the report of the institutional quality enhancement review procedure conducted at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (RWCMD) in Cardiff, UK, in accordance with the MusiQuE Standards for Institutional review and approved it.

The Board also approved the final report of the programme review of the Master of Music and Master of Sonology programmes conducted at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague (KC The Hague), The Netherlands.

External evaluation

The Board analysed and discussed the recommendations from the external quality assurance review of MusiQuE (which took place in 2020) in order to plan developments and further improvements.

Cooperation with MusiQuE partner institutions

The Board discussed ways to further develop cooperation with MusiQuE partner organisations (EMU, EAS, Pearle and AEC), defining dedicated actions for each partnership. Opportunities to share views and information on trends in quality assurance in music education will be explored together with these organisations.

Revision of the Standards

Members of the Board, involved in the revision process of the MusiQuE Standards, reported on the work in progress: the working group in charge of this revision has completed a mapping of the MusiQuE Standards with various sets of national and international standards to identify gaps and is currently working on reformulating the standards. The Standards will be organised in four Chapters replacing and grouping the current eight Domains.

Newly admitted members in the Peer Reviewers Register

The Board considered and discussed three new applications to the Peer Reviewers Register, including two from students. The Board and Office welcome the new Peer Reviewers and look forward to collaborating with them in the future.