MusiQuE has been developing a framework for the evaluation of artistic research units in higher music education institutions over the past months. A draft version of this framework has been presented at the AEC’s  European Platform for Artistic Research in Music (EPARM) forum in the Conservatorio di Musica “A. Pedrollo” in Vicenza, Italy, on Thursday 20 April 2016.

One of the main themes of the EPARM forum was to identify a set of reference criteria for the evaluation of artistic research in music. In this context, MusiQuE was invited to present its services and latest progress. The presentation included an overview of the aims, principles and expected results of an evaluation procedure tailor-made to the specific demands of research units in conservatoires. The presentation is available for download here.

It is crucial that the procedures developed by MusiQuE properly address the needs of the sector and that they correspond to the current reality of higher music education and of the artistic professions. Therefore, after the presentation, MusiQuE offered the participants an opportunity to discuss the aims and principles of the framework during two break-out sessions. In particular, participants were asked for feedback on the list of criteria for the evaluation of research outcomes. The framework and the list of criteria will be adapted in line with the various comments made by the audience.

The received feedback increases MusiQuE’s confidence to expand its activities in the evaluation of research and underlines the support of its key stakeholders, the higher music education institutions and their researchers.

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