During the first day of the Training, participants were introduced to MusiQuE’s structure and procedures, as well as the roles and responsibilities of a Peer Reviewer. They were also presented with the material to be used for the role-play on the second day of the Training.

The session on day two of the Training, in Lyon, included a role-play session, where the participants had the opportunity to act as peer reviewers, following their preparation during and after the first session. The role-play enabled participants to familiarise themselves with the different stages of a review procedure, such as the site-visit.

On the third day of the Training, feedback on the role-play was provided and participants were explained how to prepare for the steps, following the site-visit, to the complete procedure. This Training session also included a World Café, where participants took part in discussions in small groups about the challenges and opportunities during a review procedure. The Training session finalised with a plenary final discussion and conclusions.

26 participants, including representatives from higher music education institutions across Europe and beyond, attended this year’s edition.

Upon completion of the Training, participants are invited to apply to become a Peer Reviewer and be a part of the MusiQuE Peer Reviewers’ Register. More information about the Register and the online application form can be found via the following link.

Training sessions for current and prospective Peer Reviewers are offered every year. MusiQuE encourages anyone interested in becoming a Peer Reviewer to take part in at least one Training.