Quality enhancement reviews for institutions, programmes and joint programmes

Critical Friend Review

In this innovative approach to external quality enhancement reviews, annual visits by ‘critical friends1’ to various departments or programmes are combined with a modified version of MusiQuE’s regular review visit. A ‘Critical Friend Review’ has the following objectives, in addition to those pertaining to the regular quality enhancement review, listed above:
  • To link the internal and external quality assurance cycles in a manner which better integrates these within the quality culture that institutions are aiming to achieve
  • To bring a more content-driven focus to external quality assurance processes
  • To increase the relevance of the quality enhancement processes to students and teachers, since the results of the visit and the feedback are more specific, more personal and more recognisable

The Handbook for Critical Friend Review can be downloaded here

Critical Friend Review Poster

The poster highlights three main objectives of the Critical Friend review, which are directly related to the benefits that higher music education institutions can gain when taking part in this procedure. In addition, it also explains the main stages of a Critical Friend visit, and details how the individual visits of each Critical Friend involved in the review spread over the whole review procedure, lasting between 5-6 years. Two types of Critical Friend review are depicted in the poster: one focused on fields of study and another one reviewing transversal areas to different departments of an institution.

The Critical Friend Review Poster can be downloaded here.

1A ‘critical friend’ is a respected professional peer whose visit focuses entirely on the performance of a specific programme, section or department.