Consultative visits

Under this process, a MusiQuE Reviewer provides advice to the institution in relation to matters concerning (e.g.) governance or quality assurance. The MusiQuE Standards are used as internal check-list by the Reviewer during the site-visit and the reporting format is free and based on the needs of the institution. In practice, the MusiQuE Peer-reviewer is asked to act as a consultant and is put in direct contact with the institution in order to ensure that she/he understands well the mission and prepares adequately.


  • To provide institutions or programmes with advice on specific areas they have identified, such as governance or quality assurance


  • The institution is asked to explain in details its needs and expectations for the consultative visit and to provide existing supporting material and documents
  • The Reviewer conducts a site-visit of a 1-2 days (in agreement with the institution) during which the Reviewer will meet with relevant institutional representatives and stakeholders


  • The outcome is a confidential advisory report written by an international specialist with relevant expertise, based on the needs of the institution, identifying challenges and proposing solutions, and including a set of recommendations for further improvement