Summary of the Fall 2020 MusiQuE Board meeting

On 1-2 October 2020 the MusiQuE Board held its Fall meeting via an online platform following the restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Board discussed a broad range of matters related to the organization, including:

2020 MusiQuE Training Workshop
The MusiQuE Training Workshop for peer reviewers will take place online on 16, 29 and 30th October 2020. The Board discussed the outline for the Training prepared by the Office and agreed on the detailed content and format of the various sessions.

Board Composition
As two Board members, including the student member, will see their terms coming to an end within the next months, the Board of MusiQuE opened a call for applicants over the summer. During the October Board meeting, the different applications were discussed in order to kick-off the selection procedure for the selection of the members.

Annual Report 2019
The Board approved the 2019 Annual Report, which gathers the entirety of the activities led by MusiQuE over the past year. The reporthighlights the review procedures conducted during 2019, the financial overview for 2019, some developments in regard to the internal quality assurance of MusiQuE as well as the Trend Analysis. The document can be found online here.

Standards Revision Working Group
A Working Group for the revision of the MusiQuE Standard was established in August, and was already able to hold meetings. The MusiQuE Board and Office summarized the first discussions held within the Working Group and decided on a way forward.

Peer reviewers Register
The Board discussed the overview of the MusiQuE Peer-reviewers’ Register, possible ways of improvement of the Register in the future as well as analysed the statistics regarding the composition of the Register.
The Board also considered and discussed the applications from peers with an interest in being listed on the Peer reviewers Register and accepted 4 new peers.