During the meeting, the MusiQuE Board dedicated time to supervise operational activities related to MusiQuE procedures and its register of experts, the Peer Reviewers Register. In addition, the meeting schedule included sessions addressing MusiQuE strategic management, where the MusiQuE Board discussed relations with external stakeholders, communication and strategy for the next years to shape MusiQuE’s future development, among other matters.

A wide range of issues included:

Operational activities

Ongoing and upcoming review activities

The Board scrutinised the reports from ongoing review procedures in line with MusiQuE procedures and standards. They considered and approved the panel composition (Review Team) for the upcoming review procedures, and discussed the status of the ongoing and upcoming reviews that MusiQuE has been commissioned for in 2023-2026

Reviewing the Peer Reviewers Register

MusiQuE is constantly reviewing its Peer Reviewers Register and considering possible ways of improvement of the composition of the Register in the future. A statistical overview of the Peer Reviewers Register including data on gender, country, field of expertise and experience among the Peer Reviewers served as a basis for a discussion about the criteria considered to accept applicants.

Strategic management


The MusiQuE office, together with the Board members, planned dissemination and communication activities for the upcoming months. The Board reviewed the MusiQuE Communication plan, sharing their suggestions on how to improve the communication with the external stakeholders. They explored potential future partnerships and shared their ideas for further dissemination actions and upcoming events.

Internal and External Quality Assurance

The Board revised the analysis of the feedback provided by Peer Reviewers and reviewed institutions collected from review procedures conducted in 2022-2023. They commented on the positive aspects highlighted by the institutions and Peers and reflected on the ways of improvements of the MusiQuE’s procedures mentioned in the feedback, proposing changes of practice to be considered for future reviews.

Revision of the MusiQuE Standards

The Board continued the conversation on the MusiQuE revised standards for programme and institutional reviews and started planning their publication and promotion. A working plan was set for the revision of the Standards for Classroom Music Teacher Education and the Standards for Pre-College Review.

MusiQuE Training Workshop for Peer Reviewers

The Board continued the preparations for the training session for Peer-reviewers to take place on 12 October online and 8-9 November 2023 at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague (KC) in The Hague. More information about MusiQuE Peer-reviewers training sessions can be found here.