On 11-12 December 2018 the MusiQuE Board held its Autumn meeting in Brussels. The Board discussed a wide range of issues, including:

Composition of the Board
The Board welcomed Timo Klemettinen, the Managing Director of the European Music Schools Union (EMU).
The Board confirmed the nomination of current Board member Gordon Munro to serve for another three-year mandate.

Peer-reviewers register and MusiQuE Training Session
The Board considered the feedback received after the last edition of the annual training session for peer-reviewers, which took place 7-8 November in Graz, Austria.
In the aftermath of the MusiQuE Training, 12 applications from peers with an interest in being listed on the Peer-reviewers Register were accepted.

External review procedure for EQAR registration
The Board discussed the upcoming application of MusiQuE for the renewal of MusiQuE’s registration on the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR) and agreed on the timeframe for the actions which will be taken in the coming months.
MusiQuE’s current registration on EQAR is valid until 2020.

Consideration of Review Reports
The report resulting from the following procedure was considered:
Institutional review, Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid (RCSMM), Spain (Site-visit 12-14 March 2018). The Board checked the consistency with, and relevance to, the review standards.

Strategic Plan
The Board discussed the Strategic Plan of MusiQuE, consisting of three main pillars:
1. Turning MusiQuE into the “go-to-provider” for external quality assurance in higher music education
2. Providing the music-specific dimension of quality assurance
3. Strengthening MusiQuE’s organisational structure.

The final version of the Strategic Plan will be adopted by the Board in 2019.