Meetings with national agencies

On 4th June, MusiQuE met with representatives of AQ Austria to discuss a cooperation agreement in relation to joint audit and accreditation procedures.

On 15th July, MusiQuE was presented to representatives of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). MusiQuE is listed on the NVAO website as one of the evaluation bodies with which procedures can be undertaken.

On 27th August, MusiQuE was presented to representatives of the Akkreditierungsrat in Germany and the requirements which would enable MusiQuE to operate in Germany were explored.

Meeting with AEC members

Between December to August, MusiQuE met representatives of four conservatoires/music departments in Flanders to discuss a possible involvement of MusiQuE in the new quality assurance system.

On 28 August, MusiQuE was presented at the Conference of Swiss Music Universities. The presentation can be found here.