MusiQuE was presented to AEC members at the AEC IRC meeting in Corfu and at the AEC annual congress in Glasgow, and to the General Assembly of Pearle*, the Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe, in Prague. The presentation delivered at the AEC IRC meeting is available here.

Between September and December, MusiQuE has been in contact with numerous interested AEC member institutions. MusiQuE is now exploring opportunities for further increasing its activities in different forms in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Norway, Romania, Singapore, Spain and Switzerland. In 2016, MusiQuE is expected to be active in up to 8 procedures in the Netherlands, Germany, Estonia and Belgium.

MusiQuE’s approach to the role of research in its review procedures was presented at the Conference on the Internationalization of Research in High Artistic and Musical Education organised by the Fine Arts Academy in Catania (!/conference).