The composition of the MusiQuE Board is regularly renewed, with Board members appointed by the AEC for a three-year-period. Starting in 2021, three new members have been appointment and will take up their duties in the Board of MusiQuE. MusiQuE therefore welcomes the following members and wishes them all the best for their upcoming mandates:

Jacques Moreau (Cefedem Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) has extensive experience in Quality Assurance and was previously involved in MusiQuE’s activities and visits over the years. He is the Director of Cefedem Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (France), and has held many leadership and teaching positions in the past.

Orla McDonagh (TU Dublin) is the Head of TU Dublin Conservatoire in Ireland, and has also been involved throughout her whole life in the field of Quality Assurance. She participated in MusiQuE Working Groups, Training workshops and review procedures.

Ankna Arockiam is a PhD Candidate at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, UK. She is joining the MusiQuE Board as Student member. As a student, she has previously participated in MusiQuE review procedures over the years.

As new members are welcomed, MusiQuE also bids farewell to departing ones. MusiQuE shows its gratitude to Martin Prchal, former chair of the Board, who has been engaged in the field of quality assurance for many decades and committed to the music field throughout his career. Martin’s commitment, vision and leadership enabled the very creation of MusiQuE, as well as its listing on EQAR. Musique also takes the opportunity to deeply thank Bernd Clausen (Board Member) and Rosa Welker (Student member) for their years of involvement in MusiQuE, and wishes them all the best for their upcoming projects!