We are pleased to announce that the MusiQuE Annual Report for 2019 is now published. The Annual Report highlights the review procedures conducted during 2019, financial overview for 2019 and developments in regards to the internal quality assurance of MusiQuE as well as the Trend Analysis.

The Report includes the message from the MusiQuE Board highlighting the major achievements of MusiQuE in 2019.

“​During 2019, MusiQuE continued with its strong development that was started in previous years. The number of procedures reached a record high and also the increased variety of procedures is an interesting development to acknowledge: in addition to the regular ESG-based programme and institutional reviews and accreditations, MusiQuE also further developed its new concept for external review based on the work of ‘Critical Friends’ and started with several benchmarking exercises, showing that its strategy to innovate and diversify its services is being successful.

Another important objective for 2019 was the preparation for the review of MusiQuE at the beginning of 2020. For this review, based on the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ESG), a complete revision took place of MusiQuE’s documentation.

Firstly, the Board formulated, following many discussions and consultations, a new Strategic Paper and Action Plan 2020-2025. This Paper included a new Mission & Vision, a further elaboration of the organisation’s main goals and a detailed Action Plan.

To accompany this important policy document, a Business Plan for the same period was also elaborated, showing the financial planning of the organisation for the next years to come.

On the level of the procedural documentation, the original Framework Document was reworked into Guidelines for Institutions, Guidelines for Peer Reviewers and Internal Regulations, making the information more tailor-made for different target groups. A separate document on Complaints and Appeals was also produced, as was a Handbook for the Critical Friend Reviews.”

This is just a brief part of the message by the MusiQuE Board. The complete message as well as the complete Annual Report can be accessed here.