From 8 to 9 November 2023, MusiQuE welcomed a diverse group of 37 participants from 18 countries to its Peer Reviewers Training Workshop. The hybrid format, combining an online session on the October 12 and in-person training at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, provided an immersive experience for potential MusiQuE Peer Reviewers. The engaging sessions fostered collaboration, the exchange of insights, and enhanced the skills of participants from various sectors of higher education.

The online session introduced participants to MusiQuE’s structure, procedures, and the roles and responsibilities of a Peer Reviewer.

The in-person session in The Hague included a role-play session, where the participants had the opportunity to act both as a Peer Reviewer and representative of a reviewed institution, which enabled the participants to familiarise themselves with the different stages of a review procedure, such as the site-visit.

On the third day of the Training, feedback on the role-play was exchanged and the steps following the site visit, until the completion of the procedure, were presented. The Training session also included a World Café, which allowed the participants to take part in discussions in small groups about the challenges and opportunities during a review procedure. The Training session concluded with a final plenary session with the contribution of Michael Wilder, President of the National Association of Schools of Music in the US (NASM).

MusiQuE would like to thank all the participants for their valuable contributions and active participation!