ENQA is an umbrella organization that represents quality assurance agencies from the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and promotes European cooperation in the field of quality assurance in higher education.

MusiQuE director, Linda Messas attended the event in Hannover on 17-19 April, which provided an excellent opportunity for networking and maintaining dialogue with the various national agencies.

The sessions covered various topics, such as how agencies address complaints and appeals—an especially pertinent discussion as MusiQuE finalizes its revised Complaints and Appeals policy. Additionally, there were discussions on follow-ups to review procedures, with insights drawn from an inspiring ENQA study that showcased examples of agencies organising seminars and conferences involving institutions reviewed a few years prior.

Other topics included how agencies can assess micro-credentials, and what are the implications of the new reforms at EU level, particularly regarding the New European Degree, for quality assurance agencies.

MusiQuE effectively engaged with numerous national QA agencies, including AIC (Latvia), ANVUR (Italy), AI (Denmark), NCEQE (Georgia), HCERES (France), and A3ES (Portugal), and was able to share its experience with international quality assurance.