The European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR) has officially announced yesterday that the application of MusiQuE – Music Quality Enhancement to be listed on EQAR has been successful.

At the European level, MusiQuE now has the same formal status as most national quality assurance or accreditation agencies. A full list of all agencies currently listed on EQAR can be found on The decision of the EQAR Register Committee on the inclusion of MusiQuE onto the register has been based on an analysis of the compliance of MusiQuE with the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ESG). Out of 14 standards, MusiQuE has met 12 standards with full compliance and only 2 with partial compliance, which shows the confidence of the EQAR Register Committee in MusiQuE’s relevance and future perspectives. The decision of the EQAR Register Committee has been published here.

The formal European registration of MusiQuE is not only the acknowledgement of more than 10 years of work by many in various European projects and working groups, but also the formal recognition of the pro-active position of music in higher education at European level. It confirms that quality enhancement is something higher music education can take full responsibility for as a sector.

The MusiQuE Board would like to express its sincere gratitude to the founding organisations AEC, EMU and Pearle* for their continuous support to the development of MusiQuE during the past years. The Board would also like to thank the excellent MusiQuE team in Brussels as well as all those institutional representatives, working group members, peer reviewers, students and experts who have actively contributed to making this significant achievement a reality.

MusiQuE invites higher music education programmes and institutions to make full use of its review and accreditation services.

The MusiQuE Board:                                      The MusiQuE Team:

Helena Maffli                                                   Linda Messas
Géza Kovács                                                  Jef Cox
Mist Thorkelsdottir
Gordon Munro (secretary and treasurer)
Martin Prchal (chair)