On 26-27 April 2017, the European Music School Union (EMU) organised a seminar on ‘Quality in Music Education’ in Prague, Czech Republic. Two MusiQuE representatives were invited to deliver a presentation at the seminar. Both their presentations explored how music schools and pre-college music education institutions can make use of MusiQuE’s evaluation services as tools for enhancement:
  • The Chair of the MusiQuE Board, Martin Prchal, presented MusiQuE’s services and concept of quality. His presentation is available for download here.
  • MusiQuE peer-reviewer Orla McDonagh presented the Standards for Pre-college Music Education, which are being developed in the context of the FULL SCORE project by AEC, EMU and the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS), and have recently been tested in a pilot review at the School for Young Talent in The Hague, The Netherlands. The presentation can be found here.
To learn more about MusiQuE’s services for music schools and pre-college music education institutions, please contact the MusiQuE office for further information at info@musique-qe.eu.