Last Friday, chair of the MusiQuE Board Jacques Moreau, Board member Ankna Arockiam and former Board member Martin Prchal took part in a conference focusing on the current situation in higher music education in Bulgaria, Europe and the world. Other topics included demographic, social and financial challenges faced by higher music education, the future of the labour market in the performing arts and the search for strategic and innovative approaches to shape the future and address challenges.

During their presentation, MusiQuE representatives revisited the fundamental Bologna principles, traced the evolution of Bologna concepts, and provided insights into the current situation. They explained the concept of Quality Assurance in conservatories, outlining its principles and showcasing tangible results and showed the value of internationalisation. The presentation also delved into MusiQuE itself and introduced the audience to the MusiQuE revised Standards. Over 30 attendees actively participated in the session and shared their thoughts on the issues raised during the day.

Many thanks to the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” and to Momchil Georgiev for organising the conference and inviting MusiQuE!