Contact with AEC members and European quality assurance agencies

MusiQuE has signed a formal cooperation agreement with ZEvA, the Zentrale Evaluations und Akkreditierungsagentur, Hannover, and the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe for a (re-) accreditation review of eleven Bachelor and Master programmes.

The School for Young Talent, The Hague, has commissioned MusiQuE to prepare to quality enhancement procedure which will take place later this year in close connection to the AEC’s FULL SCORE project, in which standards for the evaluation of pre-college level institutions is being developed.

MusiQuE is currently further increasing its activities in different forms in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Norway, Romania, Singapore, Spain and Switzerland. In 2016, MusiQuE will be active in up to 8 procedures in the Netherlands, Germany, Estonia and Austria.