Last month, Jacques Moreau, Chair of the MusiQuE Board, attended the Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute Of Music International Symposium in Bangkok. PGVIM celebrated the 10th anniversary of the International Symposium under the theme Accessibility, Sustainability and the Woman, which reflected on accessibility and sustainability in their musical cultures and investigated how the transformative power of music can bring communities together while establishing durable practices within society.

In one of the sessions, the Chair of the MusiQuE Board delivered a presentation on MusiQuE: MusiQuE, an Agency dedicated to enhancing quality of musical education, in which he gave some insight on the concept of Quality supported by MusiQuE. He introduced MusiQuE, its principles and services and explained the process of the Revision of the MusiQuE Standards. The main purpose of this presentation was to share new sets of standards and provide perspectives on the evolution of the Learning Outcomes published by the AEC since 2007 and as they reflect the evolution of the training within the sector.

MusiQuE’s presentation is available below: