MusiQuE – Music Quality Enhancement is recruiting a new Board member from November 2017 onwards. This will be a new permanent seat reserved for a student member of the Board.

The MusiQuE Board is responsible for all decision-making and further development in relation to the activities of MusiQuE. It is therefore the key entity in MusiQuE’s structure, and its composition, roles and responsibilities play a critical role on the effective and appropriate functioning of MusiQuE. A detailed overview of the MusiQuE Board’s role and responsibilities can be found here.

The MusiQuE Board consists of experts appointed on the basis of proposals by three organisations: the AEC, the European Music Schools Union (EMU) and Pearle*-Live Performance Europe (the Performing Arts Employers’ Associations League Europe). The student shall be mandated by AEC and will be nominated for 3 years.

A full overview of the application process is available here.

Should you have any further questions concerning the application process, please do not hesitate to contact the MusiQuE Staff at