Evaluation of projects

MusiQuE can be commissioned by organisations to conduct the external evaluation of projects.*

Steps of the process

1) A framework of assessment, based on the MusiQuE Standards and on the ERASMUS guidelines for project evaluation, is established to serve as evaluation framework

2) MusiQuE appoints a Peer Reviewer who will act as external evaluator to the project

3) The Peer Reviewer and the project coordinator are in direct contact to ensure that the evaluator understands well the mission and prepares adequately.

4) Material is provided by the organisation to the external evaluator (i.e. project application, project draft outcomes, etc.) and a visit of project activities is organised, including interviews with project stakeholders

5) The evaluator writes a project evaluation report according to the assessment framework agreed on in step 1.

Example of a project evaluation

Since 2018, MusiQuE has been successfully conducting the evaluation of a four-year project coordinated by the European Music Council, within the context of Creative Europe – Support to European Networks funded by the European Commission. See Services completed MusiQuE.


*In offering this service, MusiQuE respects the Guiding principles for the separation between agencies’ activities within and outside the scope of the European Standards and Guidelines.