Request for a review


Which types of reviews can be requested?

MusiQuE offers a range of services tailored to the needs of Higher Music Education institutions: All processes include the following steps:
  • an analytical self-evaluation report prepared by the institution and/or (joint) programme team  which is sent to the peer-reviewers
  • an onsite visit of minimum 1.5 days by the peer-reviewers
  • the outcome is either an advisory report highlighting good practice and including a set of recommendations for further improvement (in the case of a Quality Enhancement Review) or a report which, in addition to highlighting good practice and including a set of suggestions for improvement, concludes with a formal recommendation to granting an accreditation  

How to submit a request?

A higher music education institution wishing to be reviewed (whether on a programme or institutional basis) should submit a request to the MusiQuE Board in writing, addressed to the Chair of the Board. This should be signed by the Rector or equivalent. The letter should be submitted a minimum of twenty weeks before the review visit is expected to take place.

Information on the submission of a request can be found in the MusiQuE Framework Document:
  • chapter 7 contains an overview of the responsibilities of the institution seeking a review or accreditation
  • chapter 8 explains which steps are to be taken in the preparation of the review
  • chapter 10 can be consulted for a detailed description of the review programme. A standard example of a review visit schedule can be found here
  • chapter 16 offers an overall timeframe from request to publication of results
The request should include:
  • the type of review requested by the institution (programme or institutional)
  • a motivation for requesting a review
  • the preferred period (month and year) for the visit of the review team
  • any specific areas of expertise required for the review (this will enable MusiQuE to recruit the appropriate experts)
  • information about the institution (departments, study areas, degree structure and number of students) or about the programme (level of degree, study focus and number of students)
Please send your request for a review to

Upon acceptance of the request, the MusiQuE staff will liaise with the institution on matters relating to planning, financial details and process.