Quality Assurance Desk for institutions

As a complement to the procedures operated by MusiQuE, its staff and experts also provide targeted advice on quality assurance procedures to higher music education institutions. The main portal to this advice is the MusiQuE Quality Assurance Desk.

The MusiQuE staff will:
  • offer specific guidance in relation to MusiQuE tools/guidelines (including the MusiQuE Standards for Institutional, Programme and Joint Programme Review)
  • provide references to sources on internal and external quality assurance
  • consult  the Register of experts in cases when specialist expertise is required
  • organise, on request, a preparatory visit to explain how an institution can apply for a review undertaken by reviewers from the MusiQuE peer-reviewers Register. During such a visit, a programme will be designed in collaboration with the institution in order to ensure that the review will focus on their needs. Such preparatory visits will be charged to the institution in addition to the review costs.

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